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Re: [Denemo-devel] Sibelius 7 to LilyPond Conversion!

From: Thomas Wilmot
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Sibelius 7 to LilyPond Conversion!
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 16:07:19 -0300

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Richard Shann 
> Sent: Thursday October 29, 2015 2:37 p.m.
> To: Thomas Wilmot
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Sibelius 7 to LilyPond Conversion!
> On Thu, 2015-10-29 at 13:08 -0300, Thomas Wilmot wrote:
> >   Of course I could manually remove all the octave markings 
> but there 
> > are about seventeen pages of music I'm working with so I'd love to 
> > hear of an
> > easier way! (Edit: I heard this can be done in Frescobaldi but I'm
> > hoping it
> > can all be done with the Denomo conversion tool.  Also I'm 
> curious as
> > to why
> > Denemo's works!  Is the MusicXML2ly tool completely separate and
> > independently developed from LilyPond's?
> > 
> yes, I wrote it from scratch - I only intended to get the big 
> & boring part, all those notes, but I did add some other 
> things - it doesn't do lyrics however. I'm not sure there is 
> much point - it is just some text that can be pasted into Denemo. 

That's fantastic!
Yes, the big and boring part, all those notes are the most important part
that I think most would be concerned with.
I'd have agree that lyrics aren't the highest priority!

> > This message is reposted from the LilyPond forum because I 
> thought you 
> > Denemonians might know some way to make change the output 
> to relative 
> > mode as was suggested by someone there.
> it is one click of the mouse if you open the .ly file in 
> Frescobaldi (Tools->Pitch->Convert Absolute to Relative).

O.K. I will try that!
> Did you try the scripts to fix Sibelius's output? Do you need 
> help running them? Did you try File->Export As->Quick 
> LilyPond Part to get just the music of the current part into a file?

Yes the scripts to fix Sibelius's output would likely be useful as I'm
pretty sure every single error fixed by it is in my score!   I haven't tried
them as I do need help running them.  I've been using Frescobaldi since last
month but only installed Denemo yesterday so have no idea about scripting!

> Perhaps you are thinking you would like to do this operation 
> repeatedly
> - that is, you are thinking of entering the music using 
> Sibelius and then typesetting it with LilyPond? Denemo is 
> seriously quicker and more musical for entering music; it is 
> just that - a music inputting program, with everything 
> tailored to getting music into the computer in the most 
> convenient and least tedious way possible.

I need to do this operation repeatedly because I have multiple parts in my
score (I thought it would be best to do each part seperately, then
re-assemble the entire project using Frescobaldi's Wizard for score
I have been using LilyPond since about 2011 and I absolutely love it!  The
only reason I am using Sibelius is because I have to transfer a friend's
Sibelius score into LilyPond and re-engrave it for a project.

I really like Frescobaldi though I just kind of discovered it, but I might
look into Denemo more seriously later on.
I just say it's bizzare because it's a very unusual way of inputting music
(though I suppose many people would say that about LilyPond too) and because
the interface is kind of rough hewn (it doesn't even have its own
application icon), and completely non-native to Windows which makes the text
render kind of blurry since it doesn't seem to use system fonts or respect
settings like disabling font smoothing, as well as being generally slow.
Maybe it's because it uses GTK instead of Qt. Also I didn't like how the
installer installs its own special version of LilyPond (which seems to be
the development 2.19 or some reason) even when the latest stable version
LilyPond is already installed instead of asking the user.

I hate to sound so negative and I don't have time to test the upcoming
version 2 at the moment but those things just really turn me off of using
programs. </unnecessary_rant>
On the positive side, the toolbar icons are actually nicer than
Frescobaldi's and it is nice how it just uses LilyPond to compile in the
background when you're not paying attention!  :)


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