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Re: resizing the virtual MIDI keyboard

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: resizing the virtual MIDI keyboard
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 09:01:58 +0000

On Sun, 2020-02-09 at 13:38 -0500, Bric wrote:
> > The duration change is well handled by putting in multiple
> > durations -
> > a whole bar, line or movement before starting to play on the MIDI
> > keyboard. The numeric keypad is set up so that slurs can be added
> > without extra keypresses when entering the durations and ties
> > require
> > only one keypress on the tied note. For my work I also insert
> > dynamics
> > and ornaments as I enter the durations - I make sure these require
> > only
> > key strokes to do. Then I can start playing the pitches and the
> > cursor
> > automatically goes back to where I started entering durations.
> > I noticed some pitch-spelling errors in the Denemo file you sent -
> > Eb
> > for D# etc, which is a hazard if you are playing the notes on a
> > MIDI
> > keyboard, but for tonal music this is mitigated by sounding
> > augmented
> > and diminished intervals on a different channel.
> > 
> The denemo + lilypond engraving handles enharmonic accidentals much
> more intelligently, than, say, MuseScore, or even Rosegarden.
> (Although Rosegarden has the convenient command "re-spell as
> [sharp|flat]"). MuseScore is sloppy, spelling what should be flats as
> sharps, etc., with the little bit of tinkering i've done with it.
> I don't fully understand your denemo input process you describe
> above. You input a sequence of just durations somehow, ahead of
> playing a midi keyboard, 
yes - see
> and denemo then attaches each duration in the sequence to the
> sequence of midi-entered notes?

the other way round, Denemo applies the pitches from the midi-entered
notes to the durations entered from the numeric keypad. The durations
are already there as pitchless notes for you to see.
 It's like the "step-entry" of the other programs but extended to allow
more than one step to be entered before entering the pitches.

 That demo is rather old, there are refinements now which mean that you
can enter triplet rhythm and the dotted/halved pair in rhythm (ie three
keypresses for the triplet and two for the dotted/halved pair) both
with or without a slur, as well as some shortcuts (repeat the rhythm of
the first part of the bar to fill the bar, or fill the bar with the
last duration or create another bar of the same rhythm as the just
finished one, though these do meaning breaking the rhythmic duration


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