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Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re:

From: Petr Pařízek
Subject: Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re: A few questions about using Denemo on Windows))
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 19:37:49 +0200
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Richard wrote:

> I Tab and Shift-Tab did do something but I couldn't
> figure out how to navigate off the list of files already present in a
> directory.

There are two ways. The most widely used one is that I press the
Backspace key (right, I forgot to mention this) to move one level up in
the directory structure and I press Enter to move one level down when
the cursor is pointing at the corresponding directory name.
The other way is (even though I don't use this too much) that usually
there's often an expandable field called "Look in" which can be
manipulated by the cursor keys -- i.e. it's like a treeview where the
left cursor key either closes the current "nesting level" or goes one
level higher if the item is already closed, the right cursor key either
opens an item or goes to the next lower nesting level if the item is
already open, and the uppor or lower cursor keys move around items that
are on the same level. But even when the focus is on such a field,
Backspace or Enter are usually still available.

Also, the cursor keys are very often used to alter the setting of what's
usually called something like "Save as file type:".

> the intent of the Gtk widget library would be that it should be
> navigable using expected keystrokes I'm pretty sure.

Well, the thing is, I'm talking about the keystrokes usually used in
Windows applications and I'm absolutely unaware how it is in Linux. So I
can't comment on what the GTK has or doesn't have on offer because if
GTK is something designed by Linux users and possibly for Linux users, I
don't have an idea whether a blind Linux user would have some different
expectations on available keyboard commands. As I said, I don't know any
blind users of Linux so I can't consult this with them. And I don't even
know how many of them there are, compared to blind users of Windows.


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