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Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re:

From: Petr Pařízek
Subject: Re: Navigating Dialog boxes with keyboard (was Re: Keyboard use (was Re: A few questions about using Denemo on Windows))
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2020 11:30:59 +0200
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Richard wrote:

> After "Denemo was terminated abnormally" a dialog pops up asking

> whether you want to load or delete the version saved before the
> abnormal termination. If you choose to load it you get a further dialog
> asking if you want to compare the rescued version with the last saved
> version or just to load it

I'm suspecting that the two dialogs that you're talking about appeared just briefly and then 
disappeared, leaving me with the "Untitled*". At least that's what I think because the 
previous window seemed to only contain the message "Denemo was terminated abnormally" and 
nothing else.

I'd love to give some further info but I don't have any software tools
that would allow me to make a video of how exactly the screen content
changes while Denemo is starting up.


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