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Re: recalculate measures

From: Joe Wilkinson
Subject: Re: recalculate measures
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2020 09:18:28 +0100
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You live and learn! I'd not noticed that; would have saved a couple of hours.
Joe Wilkinson

On 28/08/2020 08:30, Andreas Schneider wrote:
On 2020-08-26 22:39, aaron mehl wrote:
Hi all,
I  quickly add notes with the same note value and then when I went back
and changed the note values it kept them all in the same measure. How do
I get Denemo to auto recalculate the measures?
You can use the command
  Movements > Adjust the Measure Lengths
with the option Rebar-Merge underfull, split overfull bars.
Alternatively, you can split/merge measures by hand via
  Measures > Split Measure at Cursor
  Measures > Merge with Next Measure.
I have set up short cuts for the last two as I use them quite often.


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