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Re: custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: custom keymap
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2020 20:09:11 -0400

Wow I made a scheme for the rhythm shortcuts. One shortcut didn't take can I use a semicolon? I made j a half note k quarter l eigth note and ; 16th note but it didn't work.
but at least this is a start.

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On Aug 31 2020, at 3:40 pm, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Mon, 2020-08-31 at 15:00 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> Hi again,
> I am not sure what name for inserting a quarter note is.
To find out the name of a command locate it in the menu system and
right click, it pops up a menu "Help for xxx" where xxx is the command
name. On recent Denemo you can also just execute the command where on
the name is shown on the right of the status bar.
For Insert quarter note I see this:

Command: Insert/Append a 𝅘𝅥
When appending, appends a 𝅘𝅥 
With the cursor on a note inserts a 𝅘𝅥  before the current note
If MIDI-in is active, the note will be pitchless (displays yellow,
 - the MIDI keyboard will provide the pitch. Changes prevailing
Location: Object Menu ▶ _Notes/Rests ▶ Append/Insert Duration
Internal Name: 2

so, "2" is the command name.

> In the keymap it is called insertblankquarternote

You are missing the capitalization here - commands are written in
CamelCase. The command you are referring to must be this one:

Command: Insert a 𝄽 Spacer
Insert a non-printing 𝄽 rest
Location: Object Menu ▶ _Notes/Rests ▶ Rest Insertion
Internal Name: InsertBlankQuarterNote

The standard shortcut for that is Mod4+2 (where Mod4 is the "windows"
or "penguin" key).


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