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Re: custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: custom keymap
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 19:31:20 -0400

On Sep 1 2020, at 10:32 am, Richard Shann
> I would like c2 to be lower case c, c3 upper case C, and c1 be cc.
> for example.
> When I tried out the keycombo for capital A
I think you may mean holding down the Shift key while pressing and
releasing the A key while the CapsLock is off. In the default keymap
that is the first keypress of a two keypress shortcut. Possible
continuations are listed on the status bar bottom right.
Hi again,
I thought I could record a script that would let me hardwire a keycombo for one note but for three different octaves, like in lillypond notation:
a, a a'   would be three different octaves in the final notation.
I would even settle for two different octaves where the note name is one octave and ahift+the note name would be the octave above.
Is there any way to do this?
Thanks again,

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