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Re: scheme shamble, was custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: scheme shamble, was custom keymap
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2020 08:15:10 -0400

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On Sep 4 2020, at 7:13 am, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Fri, 2020-09-04 at 06:40 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> Hi again,
> I really like the idea of using scheme to make hard coded
> keybindings. But either through my lack of experience or maybe
> technical issues I am getting nowhere quickly.
> The first problem I have is the interface to scheme using input to pc
> keyboard is cumbersome and annoying.
> Second I managed to get it to freeze up where the scheme window would
> not accept any input from my keyboard.
> third I don't see instructions on how to build a scheme script from
> start to finish.
> fourth I see that I am able to put some menu items in the scheme
> window and others not.

That is because some menu items are not scripted, they are built in to
the executable program (i.e. written in C and compiled with the

> Note entry I guess is only in input>pc keyboard menu. This is most
> confusing.
> When I create a new script called "HardcodeE" I see an option to
> create a button, then a palette, but no option to add it to a menu.

Yes, it would require a way of choosing where in the menu system to
place the new item. Instead you can put your Scheme script into a
command in the menu system by right-clicking a command in the menu
system and choosing "Save Script as New Menu Item" which will insert
the script in that menu after the menu item you clicked on.
Most programs that have a scripting window let you assign either/or both a menu item or a button, as well as a keybinding.
This situation is most confusing and non-intuitive. If this can't be changed it should at least be explained in the docs better. I am hunting and pecking to try to do this. Is the explaination you sent me in the docs?  If not could it be added?
> Also how do I open it in the command center so I can assign a
> shortcut to it that way?
Once it is in the menu system you can set a shortcut as usual.
nice now that I know how to do it

> I think I need a way in each script to have it do the required action
> and to assign the shortcut to it,

I think you are muddling up two separate things. One is the commands
themselves which you want to create in the menu system (somewhere under
the Notes/Rests menu) and the other is a command to set all the
shortcuts for that set of menu items - that command I imagine you would
put in the Input->PC keyboard menu.
True I'm muddling up two separate things, but remember you know how to do this, and I am learning how. That said  all the help your giving I most appreciate.
> but I would need either examples from existing commands or a step by
> step help file.
> Also I made custom note value keybinding which I initialized by
> pressing "rr" I would also like to add the note name keybindings to
> that same "mode"
yes, you would put all your keybinding statements one after the other
in the script that you use to set that "mode". So your command to turn
on the mode would look like this:

(d-AddKeybinding xxx yyy)
(d-AddKeybinding xxx1 yyy1)
(d-AddKeybinding xxx2 yyy2)
I am not so sure I understand but I will try this out. It seems also that I can make one script for all the hard notes actions and then in the same script add keybindings. Can I in the script give each hardcoded action a name and then use that in the AddKeybinding command? How does one part of the script speak to the other? Here you are talking mode hmn I still have some learning to do.

Then executing this command (which you will assign some shortcut to
(*)) will switch mode for you.

(*) actually you could be cunning and set a shortcut for the switch-
mode command at the end of your shortcuts for the switch-back-to-
normal-mode command and the same shortcut at the end of the switch-mode
shortcuts script. In that way with a single shortcut you would toggle
between your modes. It would save having to have one shortcut to switch
into your new mode and a different one to switch back to normal mode.
I like it:)
btw, I am enjoying this a lot, as long as the scheme window doesn't lock up
> Sorry for being so annoying, but I don't have a midi keyboard and I
> find using the virtual keyboard awkward for me.
> I really appreciate
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