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Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 12:36:58 -0400

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On Sep 15 2020, at 12:20 pm, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Tue, 2020-09-15 at 08:55 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> Hi again,
> I seem to be stuck. Part of the problem with my hard coded note entry
> is that from the begininng of  our discussions I seem to have
> forgotten things.
> I made a list for myself which I hope will help see what I forgot, or
> lost.
> 1.Create hard-code-mode
>             I did this once but when I upgraded to the newest denemo
> version it disappeared.

If you mean some command(s) that you created then they are not actually
deleted, they are, as a minimum still preserved below the directory


For example, a command called C in the PC Keyboard menu would be found


as two files


So you could copy them to your new location below ~/denemo-<version>
and then install them into the menu by right clicking on an item in
that menu and choosing "More Commands" selecting the MyCommand.xml
ok thanks
> I see I take a existing script and in input keyboard I open it in
> the scheme editor. But I can't find what I need to replace in that
> script,  I looked at the thread and couldn't seem to figure it out.

you replace lines like

(d-AddKeybinding "Set0" "0")
(d-AddKeybinding "MyCommand" <keyname>)

easier would be to start from blank and add lines
(d-AddKeybinding "" "")

and then fill in the "" with name of command, name of keyboard key
to easy
> 2. create hard-code scripts for notes
>                   This is done
in what sense? you have the scripts in a file somewhere? or you have
saved them as New Menu Items?
in separate files one for each hard coded note
> 3. Make the hard code scripts available in the hard-code-mode.

they are available whether or not you have shortcuts assigned to them,
they are in your menu system.

>                  I think I need to get each one into the menu system
> first but I am not sure.
ok that is much clearer now. even though it was in the thread
Yes, for each note you want a script saved using "Save as New Menu
Item" with a suitable command name, suitable label, and tooltip.

> You also mentioned adding a keybinding to enter and exit the mode.
> Do I put this in the original hard-code-mode script
yes, in your script changing the shortcuts, your "mode-switch" command.

> I am sorry I may just be going senile since I already created the
> first script and the individual ones
where are they? Unless you saved them somewhere anything in the Scheme
script window when you exit will be lost.
I saved them all in the .denemo_xxx/action/ directory
It will probably help you a lot if you post what you have done to the
mailing list - it will be easier to be sure what you are doing, and it
will provide a measure of backup.
I should post each of the hard code script files? I will save the hard-code-mode as a file as well.
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