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Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap

From: aaron mehl
Subject: Re: putting it all together was scheme custom keymap
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 14:40:37 -0400


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On Sep 15 2020, at 2:38 pm, Richard Shann <> wrote:
On Tue, 2020-09-15 at 13:42 -0400, aaron mehl wrote:
> Thanks most of this wasn't clear to me before and I still may have
> more questions.
> It seems I need to saveas each script file with the .scm extension.
you don't need to rename it to load it into the Scheme window.

> then I open the scheme editor by right clickingf input>keyboard
You will want all your note entry commands in the
actions/menus/ObjectMenu/NotesRests/xxx menu

> on note entry then I open each file and resave.
"resave" is that procedure of right-clicking at the place in the meunu
system where you want to new command to appear and choosing "Save as
New Menu Item".
> then I must add each script  one at a time to a submenu.
that is what you what I just described - there is no other "save"
needed - doing that will create .scm and .xml files.

> then  do I add the hard-code-mode also to the menu?

that command is the one you will want in the 


it's the one setting up all the short cuts.

> I was pretty sure I attached the hard code mode.

yes you did, it contained

(d-AddKeybinding "hard-code-mode" "r,r")

which is not what you want, it should contain keybindings for all your
notes - a dozen or so. 

The r,r key binding you could just set manually as your default key
binding for the command "hard-code-mode".

> I think I could just rename each file with an .scm suffix.
you don't have to, it will happen when you "Save as New Menu Item".


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