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Re: Emailing: markstest.denemo

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: Emailing: markstest.denemo
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2020 09:46:02 +0100

On Mon, 2020-10-19 at 22:21 +0100, Joe Wilkinson wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> perhaps this is simpler??
> I Put a Dynamics Above Directive on the music staff and this moved
> the 
> dynamics up - they default to down on the music stave.
> An edit to a second Dynamics Above directive to change DynamicsUp to 
> dynamicsDown in 3 places puts them back down again.
> But DynamicsDown does not work on dynamics inherited from the Marks
> stave.

I had got as far as this myself yesterday when I had to stop for the
"I tracked that down with the Command Center to Directives->Typesetter
and looked at what it does: it puts
into the LilyPond syntax, and looking that up in the index on I see there is also

\dynamicDown, \dynamicNeutral
 so you could create further such commands. However, putting the
dynamics above or below the dynamics staff won't move them relative to
any staffs that are typeset below that staff (which isn't itself
actually typeset, only its dynamics etc are)."

All except the last bit you seem to have understood by yourself - the
dynamics are on a staff at the top and so whether above or below it
they appear above the staff below.
But which is the best way to go about putting the dynamics above in
some layouts and below in others required some mulling over.
1) The old-fashioned way would be to create custom layouts - so you
move the dynamics staff below in those layouts where you want it below.
But this is quite tedious, and if you change the structure you have to
re-make the layouts

2) A more modern way is to create two Omission Criteria (called, say,
Score and Part). Then duplicate the Dynamics staff at the bottom of the
score and use Non Printing Staff in staff properties to hide both of
the dynamics staffs. Then apply one of your omission criteria to each
of the HiddenStaff directives. Then you can switch between them as
needed when you print out (again by using the Omission criteria button
in the Print View).

3) Really, in 2) above you should be able to set the omission criterion
for your Non Printing Staff directive as you create it but it goes
straight to conditional layout choice. However you could use
conditional layout - just making it ignore/not ignore the various
standard layouts that you are going to typeset.
Option 3) has the downside that you have to duplicate the dynamics
staff so changes in one won't affect the other and require a remake.

4) It then occurred to me that a different approach could be used
        something like a script
        (while (d-SwapStaffs))
would move the top staff to the bottom if executed while on a suitable
staff. So you could perhaps have a couple of buttons to move the
dynamics to where you want it for the layout you are about to typeset.
I'd need to tinker with the details of that ...



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