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A major improvement.

From: Richard Shann
Subject: A major improvement.
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 18:20:46 +0100

The fastest and most musical way of entering music has long been
Denemo's rhythm followed by pitches method. The main drawback is that
if you try to enter too much of the rhythm in one go you can sometimes
lose track of where you have got to. It is also the case that while
entering the rhythm you cannot hear the music, only its rhythm - while
this is not completely unmusical as, say, typing in note names would
be, it can be a bit tedious.

I've overcome these difficulties with a new method of entering music -
pitches-first, followed by rhythm. With this method you play the melody
once and then immediately play the durations, and while you play the
durations you hear the melody a second time(*).

I've written this up in the latest version of the manual:;a=blob_plain;f=docs/denemo-manual.html;hb=HEAD#toc-Subsubsection-21.2.1

and I've used it myself to create three scores so far. I would very
much appreciate feedback on this feature, and it would be great if
someone could create a demo - attached is a screenshot of the sort of
thing that could be done (the Print View would be a source view in real
life), the method works with the on-screen keyboard so it could all be
done by recording the screen and audio. I don't seem to have any
software for doing this...

This work actually came out of working towards a facility for composing
- as noted in the manual a composer could use this to record themselves
while they develop a melody and once satisfied rewind to the start of
the final version and transcribe it ignoring all the previous
recording. I hope to be trying this out myself soon but at the moment
it is just a possibility.

(*) Interestingly, my keyboard skills are so poor that I get to make a
better musical performance while entering the durations, especially if
the rhythm is not complicated - it is far easier, for example, to
repeatedly press the 4 key to play a run of 1/16th notes (semiquavers)
than to actually pick out the notes. But in both phases there is no
time pressure - you can slow up as much as you need to match your skill

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