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Delaying the release

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Delaying the release
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 11:37:53 +0100

Because we have got a really useful crop of bug reports coming in just
now I'll make a second release candidate once things have settled down.
Now is your chance to submit a bug report in time for the next release!
As an enhancement I've added a command to the Movements->Playback menu
to set a playback transposition value, the (fairly) complete list of
bug fixes and enhancements follows:

New Features

    Pitches First note entry method
        Notes are visualized on a special MIDI track
        Entering rhythms inserts notes from MIDI track
        Recorded MIDI is re-synchronized as each bar is entered
        Facilities to play, backup, advance, delete, restart recording
    Support all system/markup spacing controls
    Support creating score/paper/header Directives at startup from Score 
Properties Editor
        Directives are created only where absent
    Allow easy toggling between listening/playing-in pitches via Shift key.
    Allow setting transposition on playback easily
    Allow recording and attaching musical audio fragments to a score while 
    Easier setting of Movement Tempo
    Improve Legibility
        Paler Denemo Cursor
        More discrete Playing-back indicator

Bug Fixes

    Fix setting of movement tempo in playback controls
    Fix Inserting Breve and Longa
    Fix display of dotted Breve and Longa after reload
    Fix spurious 0xffffff keypress on windows
    Fix setting/following links to source files esp. on Windows
    Fix display of key signatures for tenor and baritone clefs
    Prevent staff braces being attached to Marks/Dynamics staffs
    Fix sounding duration of grace notes on dotted notes
    Check part lists are same in all movements on Check Score.
    Fix Performance for case where there is an upbeat at the start
    Fix Performance View for LilyPond version 2.22
    Fix Hide Movement as Sketch
    Fix Duplicated Titles
    Fix staff heights in display not resetting
    Playback Fixes
        Pause no longer hangs notes
        Reset places end play at end
        Initial Playbutton icon change when pausing fixed

Please test!


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