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Replacing Omission Criteria

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Replacing Omission Criteria
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2021 16:38:15 +0100

As someone remarked on the list Omission Criteria are tricky to use on
account of getting you involved in double negatives. I've replaced them
with Inclusion Criteria.

The classic case is a score which is wanted in transposed and un-
transposed versions. Now you can make an inclusion criterion
"Transposed" in the Print View and apply it to the directive that does
transposition. When the Print View says transposed the transpose
directive kicks in and the score is typeset in the new key.

The interface is much improved too: in the Edit->Object at Cursor menu
you can make directives on any sort of object conditional. For example,
if you make an inclusion criterion called "Add Fingerings" you can
attach this to fingerings that you have added to notes in a chord and
they will vanish when you leave this off in the Print View.

There is also a command now to edit the LilyPond syntax for a given
object - this may sound terribly advanced, but it can be terribly
        e.g. If you have a clef change you can use it to change the
\clef treble


\clef alto

which would make it typeset for the viola instead of violin. You would
create an Inclusion Criterion called "Viola" and set it on the
directive to switch between the two typesets. If there were some notes
that you wanted to alter between these two typesets you could use the
same mechanism - changing c'' to c' would take the note c down an
octave for instance.

And of course the same Inclusion Criteria can be applied to things like
staff transposition - so a Bb clarinet part could be switched to make
it suitable for flute just by setting an Inclusion Criterion for "Clari
net" on the staff directive that does the transpose. In a similar
fashion a violin part with occasional double stops could be typeset for
flute by deleting the extra notes in the LilyPond syntax and marking
the change as for the "Flute" Inclusion Criterion.

This change will mean re-setting the criteria on scores made since
version 2.4 introduced them - the old style omission criteria will not
be loaded. I'm guessing this won't cause to much bother - I've just
done one myself and it is much easier to set up.

This change is in version 2.5.3 available now as source. It will be
built tonight Chicago time.


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