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Re: Analysis brackets (with labels) in Denemo

From: Lib Lists
Subject: Re: Analysis brackets (with labels) in Denemo
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:18:02 +0300

Hi Richard,

> > 2. (picture Denemo2.png)
> > I used the your code, the one with
> >  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-display tag "This will label the Denemo
> > Directive")
> >  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-tx tag 20)
> >  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-ty tag -20)
> > and as you can see from the picture it shows four 'Directive' signs
> > (sorry I won't know yet how those are called in Denemo). Is this the
> > expected behaviour?
> Sorry, yes I should have put (d-MoveCursorLeft) after the first command
> as it creates the Denemo Directive and moves to the right straight
> away, so that the subsequent commands create new directives instead of
> editing the old one. There is a wrapper function that does a whole
> bunch of this for you called (StandAloneDirectiveProto ...) which is
> used in the script for that InsertStandaloneDirective command I
> referenced above. But to keep things simple:
>  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-display tag "This will label the Denemo 
> Directive")
>  (d-MoveCursorLeft)
>  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-tx tag 20)
>  (d-DirectivePut-standalone-ty tag -20)
> would do the trick (the subsequent d-DirectivePut-... are editing so
> they don't move the cursor right, the cursor always moves right after
> inserting an object).

I changed the code and I now get two Directive symbols (see attached
screenshot), is that correct? Just for the sake of clarity, here's my

;start analysis bracket
(let ((tag "Analysis"))
 (d-DirectivePut-standalone-postfix tag "\\startGroup")
 (d-DirectivePut-standalone-display tag "Start Analysis Bracket DOWN")
 (d-DirectivePut-standalone-tx tag 20)
 (d-DirectivePut-standalone-ty tag -20)
"Analysis" "  \\context {\\Voice  \\consists
\"Horizontal_bracket_engraver\" }"))


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