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Re: Can not tweak objects in Debian's Version 2.5.0

From: Robert Lewis
Subject: Re: Can not tweak objects in Debian's Version 2.5.0
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2021 11:05:14 -0300

Hi Richard - 


> > > What should I do next?
> you have to install a whole bunch of stuff
> apt-get install guile-2.0-dev libaubio-dev portaudio19-dev libfftw3-dev
> libgtk-3-dev libxml2-dev automake libtool libgtksourceview-3.0-dev
> libfluidsynth-dev autoconf libsmf-dev autopoint librsvg2-dev
> libportmidi-dev libsndfile1-dev libevince-dev librsvg2-dev
> librubberband-dev intltool gtk-doc-tools
> and then
> / && ./configure && make && ./src/denemo
> as above.

Thanks very much for the list of packages and the instructions.  I'll get to 
it soon.

> Overnight I've been mulling this over and one thing to check is to
> export the Print View using the PDF button and then fire up your pdf
> viewer on the resultant pdf file. This should then show the links when
> hovering over a note. The default pdf viewer on my system is "atril"
> and it does show the links, but if your viewer is "evince" and does not
> show the links then that would indicate the problem is with libevince.
> Coincidentally someone submitted a patch for linking Denemo to libatril
> recently which didn't get applied because there wasn't any guarantee
> that the program would work with that alternative library (and even if
> it did, just changing the names would be pointless). It may be
> opportune to look at this again. After all, there must be some reason
> that Debian has a libatril package...
> Richard

I exported the Print View with the PDF button, and when I view it in Okular 
(I'm using KDE) the links for text, dynamics, and notes do show when I hover 
over them.


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