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Re: images for Denemo user manual

From: Bob Cannon
Subject: Re: images for Denemo user manual
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 09:01:12 -0400
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By following the instructions here I have a properly installed Denemo.

On 7/23/22 09:40, Richard Shann wrote:
On Sat, 2022-07-23 at 09:21 -0400, Bob Cannon wrote:
My /usr/bin contains a denemo2.2 that I installed with a package
manager.  I downloaded source for denemo 2.6.0 into /opt/denemo.
That's an unusual choice - better download to somewhere in your home
directory - you only need root permission for the make install command
(assuming you are wanting to install for all users).

Compilation with Makefile created the executable as
right, so this is running an un-installed Denemo, as I mentioned this
will execute ok except it won't have the manual installed (probably
some other things like translations ...).

   I redirect to the executable in
/opt from ~/bin/denemo.

The denemo-manual.html file is in /usr/local/share/denemo/manual
that was where the executable wanted to find it.  I have placed the
images directory into the same directory, but they don't display.

I'll be happy to recompile denemo 2.6.0.  Should I remove or rename
files before compiling?
I don't know of any problems that would arise from other versions
lurking elsewhere. The best is to follow the guidance at

Hmm, I just checked and I see that page doesn't mention the install
step! I'll fix that, but suffice to say you need to run

sudo make install

after building.

BTW please use "Group Reply" or "Reply to All" so that those searching
the mailing list archives can follow the thread.


On 7/22/22 11:34, Richard Shann wrote:
On Fri, 2022-07-22 at 10:20 -0400, Bob Cannon wrote:
I copied the Denemo sources into my /opt directory, so my
Denemo is at /opt/denemo/denemo-2.6.0/src/denemo.
There is no connection between where you place Denemo source files
where an executable derived from them will be placed (*). It
depends on
the configure and install steps.

    The "Help" pulldown
for accessing the manual couldn't find the manual at
/usr/local/share/denemo/manual/denemo-manual.html, so I created a
directory at that location and placed the manual there.  I've
images directory into the same directory as the manual, but
aren't found when browsing the manual.  Where should the images
directory be located?
by analogy with where the images are relative to the denemo-
file they would need to be in a directory:


It seems to me that my makefile should have placed all the files
they should be located.
yes, indeed the commands
/ && ./configure
will create a makefile that does that.

It's not clear what you are doing - are you building from sources
so which), or are you installing via a package manager, or what?


Well to be precise, the executable created by the "make" step will
in the src directory, but you would need to run the "make install"
to marry it up with the manual, although it does execute from src.

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