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[bug #62967] File crashing denemo

From: Dominic Shann
Subject: [bug #62967] File crashing denemo
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2022 05:58:43 -0400 (EDT)

Follow-up Comment #2, bug #62967 (project denemo):

Well I tried again, with "filecrashingdenemo" slowly and carefully and I
managed to delete all the time signatures up to the hidden time signatures at
the end, so now I had "filecrashingdenemo2". Then I tried to change the
initial time signature to 6/4 and denemo crashed (by crashed I mean stopped
responding to my input). The auto-saved file is "filecrashingdenemo3". With
this file I changed the intitial time signature to 6/4 without incident,
giving me "filecrashingdenemo4". Then I used 'adjust measure lengths' from the
movement menu and selected 're-bar underful and split overful' for the entire
movement. This came up with "filecrashingdenemo5". 

I then tried changing all the dotted semibreve rests in "filecrashingdenemo4"
to two dotted minim rests to see if that was causing the problem but got the
same result when trying to adjust measure lengths.

I then started again with "filecrashingdenemo" and started deleting the change
of time signatures quite quickly and when I got to bar 10 denemo stopped

(file #53616, file #53617, file #53618, file #53619)


Additional Item Attachment:

File name: file crashing denemo2.denemo   Size:230 KB
    < crashing

File name: file crashing denemo4.denemo   Size:230 KB
    < crashing

File name: file crashing denemo3.denemo   Size:230 KB
    < crashing

File name: file crashing denemo5.denemo   Size:232 KB
    < crashing


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