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Climb Aboard the Small Cap Gravy Train,Andrew Shevtsov

From: Deborah Foley
Subject: Climb Aboard the Small Cap Gravy Train,Andrew Shevtsov
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 22:11:11 -0500

CNN Announces Oil At Nearly $62 a barrel and continuing to rise!
WBRS continues to develop domestic Oil and natural gas sites! Volume Jumps 
2200% today alone!

Company: Wild Brush Energy
Symbol: WBRS
Price:  $0.05
Target: $0.25 (5 Day Target)

WBRS is a diversified energy company whose primary goal is to identify and 
develop Oil and Natural Gas sites in Wyoming Basin. With 7 current land leases 
accessing the over 19 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and over 500 Million 
barrels of Oil you can clearly see the potential in this company.

With Oil prices climbing at alarming rates and or current oil crisis it is no 
wonder investors are jumping into WBRS today and pushing volume up over 2200%. 
With that kind of movement and a news release update on current operations we 
are excited to see the price rocket tomorrow and can easily see this climb to 
over $0.25 by end of next week!

This is one industry that is not going to fall. Where else will you grab a 
stock like this at only $0.05? Watch for news tomorrow and get in first thing 

Alvin Mok
S Yildiz
dorothy yuen
Ajay Brijmohan
Karl Glazebrook
michael dolivio

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