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Success is waiting for you

From: Ramon York
Subject: Success is waiting for you
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 16:05:52 -0060

We’re so much glad to propose a new suggestion you just wouldn’t never reject. 
It’s a wonderful chance to makemoney without the risk of losing them. There is 
no demur, this is a safe agreement.

We have carefully examined information according to the new increase on the 
market next day . We await  great news to be public on Tuesday, Nov 14, and 
they will burst (M.B.W.C . PK) entirely up!! The cause is (MBWC . PK) that is 
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price gonna be mad on the starting up, attach yourself to it now while it is 
down and get richier.
Feature: Mobile Airwaves New (M_B_W_C)
Currently: Around O.05
Projected: O.20
You ought to remember such a chance doesn’t go unnoticed for long.

Don’t stay happy your old achievement; seize the chance to show what you’re 
able to do now! Once you decide to put your savings in, you will realize making 
greenbucks with (M_B_W_C .PK) is such a nice & easy work with no need to be 
worried on it.

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