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First alert report has been released

From: carlee barnes
Subject: First alert report has been released
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 22:53:04 +0900

SPECIAL ALERT The owner of the unseen voice laughed lightly and said: You cannot escape the bears that way.
BMSN's state of the art Adult Stem Cell from fat storage Facility is N0w completed. As for the Garment of Protection, resumed the boy, after a pause, I've worn it for the last time, and here it is, at your service. I'll put the Electric Tube with it.
This is major news. This is a serious sector. Don't under-estimate it. you.
We are alerting all aggressive investors before the street. think.
The shares in our opinion are still dirt cheap! Remember, it,.
the CEO has openly stated that as far as he knows this is the first facility of it's kind. friend,.
Pay close attention in the days ahead. WE are almost certain the news hasn't even started. answered.
This company has a float of under 3 million. When it moves it moves. chec k the charts. a.

Bio-Matrix Inc. pint.
BMSN.OB siskin.

Price: $0.99 up 16,67% on little volume big,.

Target: $6.00 ---Beacon Equity Research has placed the target. good-natured.

Monumental news was released. Few know! Not that these are such very bad things in themselves, but I'll have none of your magical contrivances.
Here's the News Wire fisherman;.

Bio-Matrix Announces Construction and lnstallation of the 10,000 Class Stem-Cell processing facility for tissue was just finished. but.

Go online and read it N0w it's.

Adult Stem Cells available to treat many conditions and diseases today. Go do a search on google. Adult stem cells from fat. MSNBC's site will show you those miracles happening today. Do not under-estimate BMSN. Watch for NEWS More could come any second. I'll say this, however: if all armies were equipped with Electrical Tubes instead of guns and swords the world would be spared a lot of misery and unnecessary bloodshed. Perhaps in time; but that time hasn't arrived yet.

Any material, in this, is being put together and contigent info. that the data shows to be something that one could rely on, All inform. inside can't be insured as correct and/or affirmed. and it is very important that you don't treat this as a all enclusive catch-all. This is considered only an idea or opinion which could contain future statements within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities act of 1933 and Section 21B of the SEC Act of 1934 and the unkown factor of such risky areas should not be construed as AnOffer or solicitation of AnOffer to information is really just to inform you about what is going on and you really need tyo consider whether this is something you want to look into further and by all means, don't consider this an offer to purchase or not purchased but ratherget rid ofsecurities, we don't have a license at all, actually we do not have one that could give you advice either, Before you make a decision, please consult with a professional. I would suggest calling maybe a broker or seomthing like that. You know, someone with professional advice. The last thing you want is to make a bad decision. we have talked about how we are going to get paid and the idea we have so far is c@ sh, we shall see..
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