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My darling friend...

From: Ramnani Rahul
Subject: My darling friend...
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 11:36:07 +0000

Hey, how are You?
Do You know that soon is Xmas? ;-)

Yeah right!

And we KNOW, that this thing will help you to be

the BEST OF THE BEST this night.

Don't loose this chance and try it at


And see You later ;-)

dsfskf sdfdsf wefrwef
aching so hard  that you are having cowardly thoughts about  death. Not only
are you in no condition to talk to me, but it even hurts  you to look at me.
This makes me seem to be your torturer, which distresses me. You cannot even
think and you can  only long for your dog, who is clearly the  only creature
for  whom  you  have any  affection. But  the pain will  stop  soon and your
headache will go.'
    The secretary stared at the prisoner, his note-taking abandoned. Pilate
raised his martyred eyes to the prisoner and saw how high the sun now  stood
above the hippodrome, how a ray had penetrated the arcade, had crept towards
Yeshua's patched sandals  and how the man moved aside from the sunlight. The

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