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Protect your girlfriend

From: Elizabeth Purcell
Subject: Protect your girlfriend
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 05:06:52 +0200

Protect yourself !
your wife/girl/doughter
- they all need protection!
The following is a Long-term national recorded crime trend:

Source: Research Development and Statistics (CRCSG) Home Office

- which clearly says -

"this is NOT getting better ..."

In 2003/04 there were a total of 12,354 recorded offences of rape of a female,
which represents an increase of eight percent ( 8% !!! ) from the previous year.

The 2005/06 CRCSG statistics was not yet published, but the numbers will not became more optimistic, according to the scotland executive statistics reports, - "the recorded cases of rape & attempted rape increased by 5 percent to reach 1,161 - the highest number ever recorded this year". While those are the reported cases ONLY which is far from the real picture, but only police records.

The estimated health-related cost of each rape is £73,000 - from speech to CPS rape co-ordinators' conference, british museum, 8 november 2005.

Just imagine the risk level, that every woman you know takes, while simply going to the supermarket for a weekly provision. While we are not talking about those midnight adventures they take.

So, the minimum you can do is:
1. get a package of our personal protection, - order page is here
2. teach her to use it, let it be one full ballon - she got to learn.
3. make sure she will take it to any place she goes.

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