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Great offer(nwo hiring...).

From: Tisha Shafer
Subject: Great offer(nwo hiring...).
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:03:45 +0200


Are you a responsible person and looking for a part time job very well-paid? 

We are a Family Company specialized in various operations with 
antiques and antique jewelry; we are "Royal Crown ltd" ,  and we are looking 
for honest and responsible people to join us.   
Do not miss this opportunity  - we are exactly what you’re looking for!  
You will earn more than $2500 per month, spending only 3-4 hours of your time - 
it is real with us! 

We do not make sales gimmick that requires you to pay setup fees or sign 
up to a mailing list, we do not want you to invest money. This job will 
requires you only limited amounts of your time.  
We’ll pay you during the first week of employment.   

We do not require any experience or special skills . You will work as an 
independent contractor from your home. 

If you are interested, please feel free to request further information 
and the general provisions.   
Write us right now, we will answer you at soonest. 
Please reply on this mail: address@hidden

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