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lol man, why your sausage is so small?? ;-))

From: Bales David
Subject: lol man, why your sausage is so small?? ;-))
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 02:23:37 +0000

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porters  like you  in a restaurant--you'd better go  and be  a  verger  in a
church.' Having said this the captain gave a few rapid, crisp, clear orders:
' Send the barman.  Police. Statement. Car. Mental hospital.' And he added :
    A quarter of an hour later, to  the astonishment  of  the people in the
restaurant, on the  boulevard and at the  windows of the surrounding houses,
the  barman, the  porter, a policeman, a waiter and the poet Ryukhin were to
be seen emerging from  the gates  of Griboyedov dragging a young man trussed
up like a  mummy, who was weeping, spitting,  lashing  out  at  Ryukhin  and
shouting for the whole street to hear :

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