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[Devilspie2-discuss] Devilspie 2 and Kali Rolling

From: Mark Lewis
Subject: [Devilspie2-discuss] Devilspie 2 and Kali Rolling
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 22:01:14 -0300

Hello, have any of you guys managed to make this program work in Kali Linux? I mean nothing I do works in it, I create a script to get the program name and if it was "terminator" > set_viewport 2.

I tried every permutation and variation possible, but I don't have much to work with, as in the website we have only one example.

Tried to modify the example on the site as little as possible to make sure I was not just messing things up, this is what I tried:

  • -- debug_print command does only print anything to stdout
  • -- if devilspie2 is run using the --debug option
  • debug_print("Window Name: " .. get_window_name());
  • debug_print("Application name: " .. get_application_name())
  • -- I want my Xfce4-terminal to the right on the second screen of my two-monitor
  • -- setup. (Strings are case sensitive, please note this when creating rule
  • -- scripts.)
  • if (get_window_name()=="terminator") then
  • -- x,y, xsize, ysize
  • set_viewport(2);
  • end
  • -- Make Iceweasel always start maximized.
  • if (get_application_name()=="Firefox") then
  • maximize();
  • end

  • And nothing works, Firefox does not maximize and terminator does not change workspaces, I tried with set_workspace, and without the parentheses and with an equals sine, no luck.

    Can anyone tell if this program is still being maintained or is it abandon ware? thanks for your help.

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