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[Devilspie2-discuss] help with making a magnifier dock?

From: Amaranth13
Subject: [Devilspie2-discuss] help with making a magnifier dock?
Date: Wed, 4 Jul 2018 10:19:53 -0700


I'm pretty dependent on magnifiers to be able to use my computer. I run Ubuntu Mate 18.04. The magnifier that comes with it doesn't work for me. It doesn't even show what I bring my mouse over. Kmag does this correctly, so I installed that instead. But it doesn't have a dock option like Windows has for its magnifier, where you can have a dock line of magnified screen on the top showing the part of desktop where you put your mouse. Having the magnifier window on top of other windows means I have to move it around a lot.

So I'm trying to make a devilspie2 script that will turn kmag into a dock on the top of the screen, and have no windows go under or over it. Unfortunately I'm having trouble, the command to size kmag works and also the command to remove the window decorations, but setting it dock or setting the struts for the dock have no effect. I put my script below. I'm a newbie at this so I kept t he original tutorial bit of seeing what windows are present on the computer and have it work on KMagnifier.

Can someone tell me if I did something wrong? 

debug_print("Application: " .. get_application_name())
debug_print("Window: " .. get_window_name());
if (get_window_name() == "KMagnifier") then
  set_window_strut(0, 1600, 7, 117);
  set_window_geometry(0, 7, 1600, 117);

-- 110 is the minimum height of kmag

Thanks so much for any tips you can give.


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