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Re: [Dfey-general-discuss] Idea for slaughter: techweek

From: Joe O'Dell
Subject: Re: [Dfey-general-discuss] Idea for slaughter: techweek
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2010 09:30:52 +0000

Hey Tim,

First off, GREAT IDEA!

Personally, I'd love to go to one of these! But, I'd much more enjoy the planning/organising/doing side of this, so I'll pitch in wherever possible.

Now, you said that it needs to be appealing to both parents and children, and I agree.
I went to an Apple Summer Camp last year, and it may provide a basis on how to think about this one.
It was only a few hours long (12-5 if i remember rightly), but they split you into pairs/groups and got you working on a selection of projects - You had a choice out of Making a movie, designing a presentation to show to the audience, creating a website to advertise your movie.
Now, I know this is aimed below 13 years, but it is a really interesting afternoon out for most young people, as you get to do stuff you probably wouldn't normally.
So that's what I'm proposing; Perhaps we could have a Blender expert in (or someone who is very fluent in it) and get them to run a "workshop" for one group?

I know you wanted to get the logistics sorted out later, but do you have any idea about how many people this could accommodate?
That would make a big difference on how many people we could have, as the child:adult ratio (something like 10:1 for over 14's) is something that needs to be adhered to. Just a though! :)

Like you said, these are all just ideas that have bouncing around my head, so they may not even make sense to anyone else, but I do hope they can make a difference.

I do hope this can get off the ground, as it is an amazing idea!


Joe O'Dell

bedsLUG Co-Ordinator

DFEY Member (SouthEast)

Ubuntu-UK Group Member

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