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Re: [Dfey-general-discuss] Group structure

From: Paul Sutton
Subject: Re: [Dfey-general-discuss] Group structure
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 21:00:39 +0100
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Robert Leverington wrote:
> Hello all,
> DFEY has been had £500 donated to it by substance.coop, thank you to
> them for this.  This will be primarily targetted at transport
> sponsorship.

Yay, great news
> Currently, however, we have no way to accept this donation.  DFEY has
> never been a very formalised organisation, mainly because there was
> never any need for it - but without this there is no way of having a
> group bank account.

I agree, i think this is a good reason to get more formal.
> To that end I would like to propose that we sign up to the One Click
> Orgs Beta programme [1], allowing us to cut out a large chunk of the
> work involved in setting up a legal structure.  I saw a demonstration
> of it at the London Hackspace this week and it seems to be a decent
> application that will allow for a structured but dynamic group.

Sounds a good idea,
> A couple of problems have been pointed out with regard to child
> protection, and will have to be dealt with before this goes ahead.  (I
> think we will need to speak with some professionals in this field at the
> very least).
I agree,  I am no way an expert, so we need to

a) get proper help / advice on the child protection issues.
b) work with appropriate organisations who can really help us.


> Does anyone have any comments?
> Regards,
> Robert
> [1] http://www.oneclickor.gs/

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Paul Sutton

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