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[Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.14-8420

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [Diffutils-devel] new snapshot available: diffutils-3.5.14-8420
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 10:51:19 -0800

It's been 5 months, and GCC 7 is approaching, so I will
make a release, probably this week.  Please give this a
spin and report any failure or success.

diffutils snapshot:
  http://meyering.net/diff/diffutils-ss.tar.xz      1.4 MB

Changes in diffutils since v3.5:

Jim Meyering (10):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      gnulib: update to latest, to port to upcoming GCC 7
      gnulib: update to latest
      build: avoid GCC 7's new warnings
      gnulib: update to latest
      maint: use die rather than error
      tests: use "returns_" rather than explicit comparison with "$?"
      maint: update gnulib and copyright dates for 2017
      maint: change "time stamp" to "timestamp" globally
      gnulib: update to latest; and update bootstrap and init.sh

Paul Eggert (4):
      diff: port line numbers to mingw64
      diff: don't assume ptrdiff_t <= long long int
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      diff: fix big performance degradation in 3.4

Changes in gnulib since v3.5:

* gnulib 1eb82ad...16f6a8d (319):
  > Port to PGI 16.10 x86-64
  > parse-datetime: handle timezones reentrantly
  > time_rz: fix comment typo
  > localename: port to cygwin 2.6
  > users.txt: Update wget URL (tiny change)
  > users.txt: Add wget2 (tiny change)
  > dfa: fix memory leak in parse
  > parse-datetime: fix dependence on AC_PROG_SED
  > intprops: update doc URLs
  > host-cpu-c-abi: Add support for armhf, arm64, x32, s390x.
  > update from texinfo
  > localeinfo: case_folded_counterparts and WEOF
  > dfa: port to gcc -fsanitize=undefined
  > strftime: %z is -00 if unknown
  > dfa: port to older GCC
  > maint.mk: enforce spelling of "timestamp" (i.e., no space)
  > dfa: minor simplification with emptyset
  > dfa: shrink constraints from 4 bits to 3
  > dfa: omit unnecessary ptrdiff_t check
  > dfa: omit unnecessary allocation
  > dfa: omit unused local
  > maint: time stamp -> timestamp
  > maint: remove stray .texi files
  > getprogname: fix port to IRIX
  > dfa: melt down dfastate into build_state
  > dfa: simplify transition table allocation
  > dfa: fix reallocation bug when matching newlines
  > Avoid -Wundef warning about undefined WINDOWS_SOCKETS.
  > Avoid -Wundef warning about undefined __USE_FILE_OFFSET64.
  > stdioext: Port to Minix 3.2 and newer.
  > getprogname: port to IRIX
  > localename-tests: port to NetBSD 7
  > glob, intprops, xalloc: work around Clang bug
  > dfa: fix 'return' typo
  > lock tests: Prefer semaphore over mutex.
  > parse-datetime: fix generated paths for coverage files
  > maint.mk: support parallel execution of coverage
  > lock: Provide guarantee to avoid writer starvation for rwlocks.
  > thread: Fix pth port.
  > parse-datetime: fix debug message on lone year number
  > parse-datetime: fix local timezone debug messages
  > parse-datetime: add debug warning about DST changes
  > parse-datetime: add debug warning about date arithmetic
  > parse-datetime: fix debug message of relative part after timezone
  > parse-datetime: fix incorrect debug message on lone number
  > exec
  > build-aux/mdate-sh
  > doc: fix typo in previous change
  > Revert copyright-year change to synced files
  > doc: modernize for C11 etc.
  > dfa: prefer functions to FETCH_WC macro
  > dfa: narrow more local var scopes
  > dfa: remove duplicate assignment
  > dfa: simplify constraint-dependency checking
  > dfa: prefer functions and constants to macros
  > dfa: narrow more local var scopes
  > dfa: narrow the scope of many local variables
  > gettext from dev
  > version-etc: new year
  > do-release-commit-and-tag: avoid shell syntax error
  > maint.mk: hoist gnulib_dir definition earlier
  > maint.mk: do not always evaluate intprops-related shell
  > maint.mk: improve sc_prohibit_intprops_without_use
  > dfa: shorten sbit, success
  > dfa: simplify multibyte_prop etc.
  > dfa: minor performance tweak
  > dfa: wrap charclass inside a struct
  > Changelog: insert omitted word
  > maint.mk: update list of intprops.h symbol names
  > getopt: fix parallel test failure
  > xalloc: x2nrealloc check for ptrdiff_t overflow
  > lock test: Fix performance problem on multi-core machines.
  > autoupdate
  > vma-iter: Fix endless loop on 64-bit Windows.
  > stdint: Fix WINT_MAX to match the gnulib provided wint_t on minw.
  > getopt-posix-tests: fix Makefile typo
  > dfa: improve worst-case 'replace' performance
  > dfa: performance improvement for removal of epsilon closure
  > autoupdate
  > Split tests for getopt-posix and getopt-gnu.
  > posix-modules: Add options for specific platforms.
  > getopt: Fix link error for users of getopt() in <unistd.h>.
  > getaddrinfo tests: Avoid compilation error on MSVC.
  > getlogin, getlogin_r: Fix link errors on MSVC.
  > Un-deprecate the 'progname' module.
  > Reorganize NEWS a bit.
  > tanhf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > tanf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > sqrtf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > sinhf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > sinf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > logf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > log10l: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > log10f: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > hypotl: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > hypotf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > fmodl: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > fmodf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > expf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > coshf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > cosf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > atan2f: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > atanf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > asinf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > acosf: Avoid redefinition error on MSVC.
  > Avoid redefinition errors on MSVC.
  > Avoid redefinition errors on MSVC.
  > stdint: Fix WINT_MAX to match the gnulib provided wint_t on MSVC.
  > Avoid autoconf warning.
  > fpending: Revert workaround against Emacs bug.
  > getlogin_r tests: Port to mingw.
  > getlogin: Port to newer mingw.
  > builtin-expect: improve port to IBM XL C
  > builtin-expect: port to IBM XL C
  > regex: fix dependency
  > builtin-expect: new module
  > init.sh: Add possibility to not delete temporary files.
  > regex: fix integer-overflow bug in never-used code
  > fpending: fix port to MinGW on Emacs
  > safe-alloc: use xalloc-oversized
  > xalloc: do not exceed PTRDIFF_MAX
  > malloca: do not exceed PTRDIFF_MAX
  > quotearg: pacify GCC better
  > xalloc-oversized: check for PTRDIFF_MAX too
  > dfa: fix glitches in previous commit
  > dfa: fix some unlikely integer overflows
  > dfa: add an assertion to avoid coverity false positive
  > dfa: remove DFA_CASE_FOLD flag in favor of RE_ICASE
  > dfa: remove DFA_CASE_FOLD flag in favor of RE_ICASE
  > link: fix test to declare use of rename()
  > fpending: Port to native Windows with MSVC.
  > stdioext: Port to native Windows with MSVC.
  > non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack.m4: remove leading "(" in case stmt
  > threadlib: Optimize out runtime test on Solaris >= 10.
  > stdint: Update doc about Solaris 9.
  > c-ctype tests: Fix link error on Solaris 9.
  > dfa: fix performance bug that recomputes trans
  > same-inode: port to MinGW
  > javacomp: Support Java 7 and 8.
  > gnulib-tool: fix the previous change
  > gnulib-tool: fix the previous change
  > gnulib-tool: properly list the LGPL3orGPLv2 license
  > localcharset: Avoid theoretical buffer overrun.
  > Relicense some modules under LGPLv2+.
  > scandir: Fix _D_ALLOC_NAMLEN() on OS/2 kLIBC
  > alphasort, scandir: Port to OS/2 kLIBC
  > relocatable: Fix that /@unixroot prefix is not working on OS/2 kLIBC
  > sys_socket: typedef sa_family_t correctly on OS/2 kLIBC
  > dfa: avoid new infinite loop
  > dfa: do not match middle of multibyte character
  > dfa: avoid false match in non-UTF8 multibyte locales
  > ptsname_r: leverage AC_HEADER_MAJOR
  > md4,md5,sha*: allow _STRING_INLINE_unaligned enable unaligned operation
  > maint: use a more standard return from mbrtowc test
  > freopen: fix typo in previous commit
  > freopen: work around glibc bug with closed fd
  > fnmatch: fix typo introduced on 2016-08-17
  > maint: fix ChangeLog typo
  > dfa: simplify with new function fillset
  > dfa: fix glitches with on-demand states
  > dfa: addition of new state on demand
  > srclist: sync with released gettext
  > srclist: add "release" option
  > snippet/c++defs: Simplify _GL_CXXALIAS_* macros.
  > dfa: fix logic typo
  > fix test driver leaks: exclude, malloc, realloc
  > Fix gnulib C++ namespace support and std::frexp
  > GNULIB_NAMESPACE::func need not pull in rpl_func
  > libunistring: Relicense under dual "LGPLv3+ or GPLv2" license.
  > Relicense some modules under LGPLv2+.
  > Relicense some modules under LGPLv2+.
  > autoupdate
  > Enable Unicode decoder safety unconditionally.
  > Correct indentation.
  > relocatable-prog-wrapper: Fix breakage on Cygwin.
  > strerror: Make it compile in C++ mode.
  > sys_time: add gnulib::timeval for C++
  > snippet/c++defs: fix real-floating arg functions in C++ mode
  > strftime: don't use __THROW
  > obstack: port to gcc -fcheck-pointer-bounds
  > strerror_r-posix: Another fix, for HAVE_DECL_STRERROR_R on mingw
  > strptime: fix compile error in recent change
  > gnulib-tool: Support for the dual "LGPLv3+ or GPLv2" license.
  > strftime: tune %q
  > Merge strftime.c changes from glibc
  > strerror_r-posix: Fix override of AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R
  > Fix gnulib C++ namespace support and std::frexp
  > GNULIB_NAMESPACE::func need not pull in rpl_func
  > manywarnings: fix -Wno-missing-field-initializers detection
  > non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack: revert use of parameterized 'lib' dir
  > strftime,strptime: support %q to represent the quarter
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: Fix get_version() for AIX 5.3
  > intprops: port to older XL C
  > autoupdate
  > backupfile: initialize default suffix within the implementation
  > futimens: remove FIXME for old Linux kernels
  > utimensat: remove FIXME for old Linux kernels
  > maint: update how to make web pages
  > qsort_r: Fix macrology for platforms that lack the function.
  > sys_types: fix Texinfo typos
  > getprogname: port to HP-UX
  > Update doc about target platforms.
  > opendir, readdir, closedir: Relicense under LGPLv2+.
  > Fix conflict between strerror_r-posix module and AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R.
  > Make the 'argp' module work without the 'error' module.
  > diffseq: restore TOO_EXPENSIVE heuristic
  > non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack: Don't make assumptions about 
gnulib-tool's --source-base option value.
  > iconv: Avoid compilation error when bootstrapping GNU libiconv.
  > Avoid gnulib-tool warnings about the dependencies of 'parse-datetime'.
  > system-quote tests: Avoid compiler warning on AIX.
  > Fix some "gcc -Wall" warnings.
  > gnulib-tool: Make --create-testdir on all modules work again.
  > libunistring: change the maintainer to 'all'
  > Simplify "configure: checking ..." messages.
  > Simplify "configure: checking ..." messages.
  > quotearg-tests: pacify gcc -Wall
  > canonicalize-lgpl: fix for missing SIZE_MAX on older systems
  > printf.m4: fix a bug in detecting printf %j support
  > sched: substitute HAVE_SYS_CDEFS_H too
  > quotearg: never write beyond the returned length
  > getprogname tests: Avoid failure in packages that use libtool.
  > getprogname: Fix test failure on Cygwin. Comments.
  > Make sure the libunistring detection rejects older versions with a known 
  > sh-quote, system-quote: revert regression of unit test.
  > quotearg: fix stale tests
  > non-recursive-gnulib-prefix-hack: fix inconsequential typo
  > Fix a test crash.
  > test-limits-h: suppress -Woverlength-strings
  > gettime, timespec, utimens: Relicense under LGPL.
  > canonicalize-lgpl: Support the case path_max > INT_MAX.
  > getprogname: IBM z/OS: avoid NULL-dereference
  > test-stdint: use _GL_VERIFY rather than "verify" for some tests
  > Add missing ChangeLog entry
  > stdint: port SIZE_MAX to glibc s390
  > getprogname: port to IBM z/OS
  > maint: remove stray space after "." in AC_DEFINE comment.
  > long-options: avoid new GCC 7 warning from -Wimplicit-fallthrough
  > utimecmp: avoid new GCC 7 warning from -Wbool-operation
  > dfa: save memory for states
  > wchar, wctype-h: fix for MinGW 3.22.2
  > long-options: avoid new GCC 7 warning from -Wimplicit-fallthrough
  > utimecmp: avoid new GCC 7 warning from -Wbool-operation
  > autoupdate
  > quotearg: minimize shell quoting using double quotes
  > vasnprintf.c: avoid spurious warning from GCC 7
  > getprogname: correct the test for a __progname variable
  > u8-uctomb-aux.c: build: placate GCC 7's new -Wimplicit-fallthrough
  > dfa: build: avoid warning from GCC 7's new -Wimplicit-fallthrough
  > getprogname: avoid __progname vs program_invocation_short_name pitfall
  > getprogname: port to OpenBSD 5.1
  > sched: port to GCC 6.2.1 on macOS Sierra
  > tests/init.sh: port Alpine fix to AIX 7.1
  > nl_langinfo: pacify GCC
  > stdint: also set GL_GENERATE_LIMITS_H
  > limits-h, stdint: Don't assume extensions, fix typo
  > getprogname: port to AIX
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > extensions: fix typo in comment
  > stdint: support new _WIDTH macros
  > limits-h: new module
  > stdio: don't redefine __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO
  > sys_types: avoid glibc 2.25 warnings about major()
  > mountlist: include sysmacros.h for glibc
  > extensions: port to more ISO C TSes
  > intprops: new macro TYPE_WIDTH
  > extensions: port to recent ISO C TRs
  > update from texinfo
  > update from texinfo
  > dfa: port to Solaris 9
  > autoupdate
  > strverscmp: avoid link failure on OS X
  > dfa: new module, importing grep's DFA matcher
  > getprogname-tests: don't depend on assert-h
  > getprogname-tests: work also when EXEEXT is nonempty
  > getprogname: fix errors in previous change
  > parse-datetime: restrict debug output to input string
  > flexmember: new macro FLEXALIGNOF
  > getprogname: port to systems with __argv (mingw, msvc)
  > flexmember: port better to GCC + valgrind
  > getprogname: port to Solaris 10
  > stdalign: correct mistake in alignof doc
  > getprogname.h: declare with _GL_ATTRIBUTE_PURE, when required
  > main.mk: remove sc_program_name
  > Port tests away from progname
  > Port modules to use getprogname explicitly
  > getprogname: new module
  > autoupdate
  > manywarnings: add -fno-common
  > parse-datetime: Fix typo.
  > intprops: tune INT_NEGATE_OVERFLOW for GCC 5 and 6
  > strverscmp: sync with glibc
  > xalloc-oversized.h: port __builtin_mul_overflow change to GCC 6.2.0
  > intprops.h: port recent changes to GCC 6.2.0
  > intprops.h: use __typeof__ with GCC 7
  > intprops.h, xalloc-oversized.h: work with gcc 7
  > intprops.h: fix missing-backslash problems
  > autoupdate
  > intprops: fix paren typo on old platforms
  > intprops: port to OpenVMS
  > parse-datetime: improve debug implementation
  > c-strcase-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > sigpipe-tests: fix typo
  > canonicalize-lgpl: fix errno after malloca fails
  > strtod: port errno handling to z/OS
  > strtod: port to z/OS
  > regex, string: rename to avoid '__string'
  > c-strcase-tests, wcwidth-tests: depend on c-ctype
  > thread: port to z/OS
  > maint: port tests to z/OS errno behavior
  > maint: preprocessor changes to support z/OS
  > fclose, strstr-simple, wchar: port to z/OS
  > iconv_open-utf-tests, iconv-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > c-strcase-tests, wcwidth-tests: port to EBCDIC
  > stdbool: don't require _Bool for C++
  > getdelim: remove dependency on realloc-posix
  > update from texinfo

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