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[directory-discuss] Feedback on Add-on Bar/Status Bar IceCat add-ons

From: David Englund/Hedlund
Subject: [directory-discuss] Feedback on Add-on Bar/Status Bar IceCat add-ons
Date: Sun, 31 May 2015 15:20:13 +0200
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Please leave feedback on

  • Currently Status-4-Evar is the only add-on/status bar with license notices in the files. At least we got one! However, the authors of The Addon Bar (Restored) (popular) and Puzzle Toolbars (optimized) have been requested to do this too as several add-ons depend on these kind of add-ons for visual performance. This will give the option to choose which add-ons they want to use for that.

Key questions:
* Should not The_Addon_Bar_(Restored) and Puzzle_Toolbars be unapproved meanwhile?

* Should not Status-4-Evar be approved?

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