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[directory-discuss] DBpedia - open data sets and the FSD

From: Laura Morales
Subject: [directory-discuss] DBpedia - open data sets and the FSD
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 07:42:17 +0200

I don't know about every dictionary, but I think the FSD could use DOAP 
(Description of a Project) ( Wikipedia entry: ). Other projects use it already, for 
example Apache for their projects 
(follow the .rdf links and look at the XML code). This one for example is the 
DOAP file for SpamAssassin
It would be nice if the FSD could also provide these files, such that they can 
be easily imported into any RDF store.

Is there any way to generate these files automatically from the current FSD 
database? Shouldn't be too difficult.

> The DBpedia project aims to interconnect the world's open data sets. I made a 
> new page in the FSD (which needs to be approved) to suggest a strategy for 
> making the FSD interoperable with WikiPedia and by extension, the DBpedia. 
> See
> (I created the page in the 'Org' namespace to separate it from the Directory 
> proper.)
> The act of creating a 'meta' page (a page about the wiki and not an content 
> page) reveals that it is *very* difficult to do so.  Normally, the so-called 
> project namespace is used for 'meta' content and the main namespace is used 
> for regular wiki content.  In the FSD, the current documentation about the 
> directory is actually contained within the same namespace as the software 
> entries themselves; and that namespace is separate from the Main namespace. 
> [1]
> For example, I found this 'Features' page which I cleaned up for formatting 
> [2]
> Separately, there are a ton of entries which need to be reviewed/approved. [3]
> [1]
> [2] 
> [3]
> Greg Rundlett

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