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[directory-discuss] Fw: Re: Free Software Directory Database

From: Laura Morales
Subject: [directory-discuss] Fw: Re: Free Software Directory Database
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2017 18:47:41 +0200

This should be the fix for this issue could somebody 
please give it a try?

Subject: Fw: Re: [directory-discuss] Free Software Directory Database
There seems to be a small problem with the data. Items are exported with URLs 
like this (in RDF parlance, the "subject" of the triples)


what's wrong here is the first part of the URL, 
<http://localhost/wiki/Special:URIResolver/>. The correct values instead should 
be the actual absolute URLs of the pages in the FSD, in this case for example 
<>. The correctness of these URLs is 
important because 1) people looking at the data can look it up on the FSD 
website and 2) it makes possible to link the FSD with other datasets.

Not sure how to fix this, or what is causing this issue, but it looks like some 
function to convert mediawiki URLs to real URLs is not executed.

Subject: Re: [directory-discuss] Free Software Directory Database
> You can pull down the data with (wget
>  I'm told it has
> the rdf info included in it. Just a word of warning that it is
> (unsurprisingly) quite large and opening in a browser would likely crash
> it. It is updated nightly.

Thank you *very much*! The data seems to be there, so this looks great :)
Did you just create this file, or was it there all the time? I've never seen 
this before, and it's not even indexed from[][[]].

Regarding the size, you can save a lot of space/bandwidth by compressing this 
xml. My results:

317M directory.xml
16M directory.xml.bz2
21M directory.xml.gz
16M directory.xml.xz

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