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[directory-discuss] Reminder of the request I made to Donald

From: erbp
Subject: [directory-discuss] Reminder of the request I made to Donald
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 20:56:49 -0300

Last Friday, just before the end of the FSD meeting I had the following dialog with donaldr3

    -->|    YOU (tfisgnag) have joined #fsf
    [INFO]    Conference Mode is enabled for this view; joins, leaves, quits and nickname changes are hidden.
    =-=    Topic for #fsf is “Free Software Foundation | Member forum: | FSF member? #fsf-members | Ops: johnsu01 (FSF staff), mattl | Join:
    =-=    Topic for #fsf was set by johnsu01 on December 31, 1969 at 8:41:43 PM
    ===    #fsf
    [INFO]    You are no longer marked as away.
    tfisgnag    donaldr3: Sorry for the delay. But my Firefrox 53 crashed. It is crashing frequently and shutting up many of my programs including my irc client. So I have lost everything that was said since 28 minutes before the FSD meeting began.
    tfisgnag    Can I retrieve a copy of that from somewhere?
    donaldr3    tfisgnag: I can send you a log of the meeting, but I don't have the stuff from before
    tfisgnag    donald3r: ok.  How will you send it?
    donaldr3    tfisgnag: I have your email address right?
    tfisgnag    My email as an associate member of the FSF? Right?
    donaldr3    tfisgnag: oh I thought you had emailed the mailing list before
]    donaldr3    tfisgnag: you're on the mailing list, directory-discuss?
    tfisgnag    I don't rememer having been there before
    tfisgnag    remember
    donaldr3    tfisgnag:
    donaldr3    tfisgnag: you should sign up to keep up with everything going on
    tfisgnag    OK: I will.
    donaldr3    awesome
    donaldr3    and that wraps up our meeting, thanks to everyone who helped out, and have a good weekend all
I have just signed up and I hope doing that and sending this email will be enough so that Donald will not forget my request.

Thank you in advance Donald!😉

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