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[directory-discuss] Public bug trackers for FSF run websites

From: public
Subject: [directory-discuss] Public bug trackers for FSF run websites
Date: Sat, 20 May 2017 19:19:37 +0200
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Conclusion: This issue is about setting up a bug tracker for reporting website issues for FSF run websites open for public website view. Debbugs is a good candidate except for confidential bugs, such bugs can be reported to current existing emails.

RMS doesn't have time to participate any more in this issue, he assigned Rubén this task but there's no promises that the FSF will solve this. Hopefully Matt can help if the FSF hire him again.

> In a public tracker people discuss openly about what to do with these > issues, you aren't felt ignored, and you don't have to track your emails
  > which can be quite burdensome.

RMS: I see your point.
  > > Setting that up would be a lot of work, and may have other
> > disadvantages. If I have to ask sysadmins to do this, I will ask them
  > > to choose how.
  > >

  > I know a skilled sysadmin that might can help.

RMS: Could you please put him in touch address@hidden Ruben has to judge who to accept help from.

David: I've been talking with Ian (the skilled sysadmin) about this and he's willing to help out if its useful. For example, Ian recommended Debbugs (used at for public
      view. Confidential bugs can be kept private:

RMS: I see one doubt about this.  Perhaps it is not a good idea to make
all complaints about public.

Ian: I think it would just need a notice for people to email
address@hidden  for security flaw reports or anything else which is
better not public and moderation to close bugs which are not likely to
have a productive result for any reason.

RMS: Ian, I am not sure concretely what that means. How _exactly_ could we
arrange to show users this message before they report a problem?

Ian: The way people know to report issues with the main pages, I
assume is mostly through the text at the bottom of the page:

"Broken links and other corrections or suggestions can be sent to

For some software package pages, the same text is there, but the address
is changed to a debbugs one, for example <address@hidden> on So, for non-package pages which
have the above quote, I imagine doing something similar and changing the
text to:

"Broken links and other corrections or suggestions can be sent to
<address@hidden>, or <address@hidden> for messages you do
not wish to be public."

Where sending to address@hidden creates a debbugs bug.

David: Status of web UI-based bug trackers with confidential option:
* Debbugs: "No such option, and no prospect of there being one, sorry. "
* GitLab: "[checkbox] This issue is confidential and should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter access." * Bugzilla: "Security: [checkbox] Many users could be harmed by this security problem: it should be kept hidden from the public until it is resolved."

Confidential option checkboxes can of course be enabled by default if you want to be 100% sure that no sensitive information is leaking out by mistake.

Another way to solve this is using two email addresses, one public and one secret. For example issues is reported to address@hidden, that email could be split to address@hidden, address@hidden (or address@hidden).

Here's the complete list of FSF run websites:

* - Uses Debugs for GNU software but not for the website yet.


* I've personally aked Matt Lee to set up a bug tracker for However to quote RMS "Matt is in a complex situation
now -- I think we need to cut
him some slack."

I, Ian, RMS, and Ruben are discussing how to set up a public bug tracking system for all FSF run websites. Ruben is in charge, I and Ian are just feedback providers. Do you want to participate in the issue?

Matt: Let's see what happens with me getting hired [by the FSF].

David on Until the FSF have set up a public bug tracker for FSF run websites (including this website) I'll volunteer on non-FSF run websites and free software exclusively.

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