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Re: which license? bsd or modified bsd or copyright?

From: Sebastian
Subject: Re: which license? bsd or modified bsd or copyright?
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2021 15:24:52 +0100

Dear agyaanapan,

> i am updating few entries. i have come across "freedoom". on
> sourceforge(1) it says bsd. it is super seeded by savannah(2) and on
> it says "Modified BSD License". on github(3) "Copyright © 2001-2020
> Contributors to the Freedoom project. All rights reserved."

It would probably be best to ignore the Sourceforge and GNU Savannah
repositories for Freedoom - all the current development happens on
GitHub; this seems to have been the case since 2017.

In the repository on GitHub, the COPYING.adoc file is one of the many
variants of the BSD license, this one with three conditions - the SPDX
identifier for this specific variant is, naturally, BSD-3-Clause:

The 'All rights reserved' statement is fine; it doesn't in any way
compromise the freedom offered to the user by the license. BSD-3-Clause
is still considered a free license by the FSF and other organisations
despite that statement.

I hope I've been able to help here. If you have any other questions,
please feel free to reply and I'll do my best to answer :)

Best wishes,


- Free Software Directory username: 'Freefish'

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