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Re: Rust trademark policy

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: Rust trademark policy
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2021 12:26:58 -0300
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Em 19-06-2021 00:25, Bone Baboon escreveu:
> The summary is located at
> <>.
> The Git repository for the summary that can be cloned is at
> <>.

Thank you for the notes, I'm Cc'ing David Hedlund which is a member of
the FSD's Free software evaluation Project Team ([1]). I know that they
might already be subscribed to this list, but the Cc should put a copy
of the message directly on their "Important" inbox (or similar).

Perhaps you (Bone Baboon) can also join the aforementioned project team,
now that I have left the group, they might be in need of a new contributor.

Besides this, when I used to be a reviewer for the FSD, I remember that
some things caught by grep searches can be false-positives. In this
case, I leave a little hint: to evaluate the triviality of "changing a
name" in order to address the section of the FSDG on trademarks ([2]),
the `wc` program might not be a good tool for the job, consider instead
using a text editor/pager/viewer to see the results and checking if
there is any variable assignment that makes things easier to the
supposedly-rebranded fork.

For example, if one file defines "RUST_COMPILER_PROJECT_NAME=rustc" and
later that file is included/called by others so that they can later use
RUST_COMPILER_PROJECT_NAME, then the direct `grep` pipe to `wc` will
catch all those. I'm not well versed on all of this, but I have seen
some other projects use these assignments mostly with macro languages or
definitions such as those in M4, Autotools, and Autoconf which, in turn,
can get carried over by Automake, libtool, Make, pkg-config, C
preprocessor (which expands the so called “C macros”), C compiler and so on.

If you do find false-positives, write an extra `grep`/`sed`/`awk` pass
so that these are removed from the result using basic or extended
regular expressions (`-E` option for `grep`/`sed`, only expression type
for `awk`, `nano` and `less`, while `ed` only supports the basic one).

All in all, always document stuff, preferably in the right and prominent
place, so that the work doesn't get lost in the conversation and that
other people don't end up redoing it.

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