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Re: contradicting statements about version download?

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: contradicting statements about version download?
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 10:38:12 -0300
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> should we specify directory or provide download link?
> generally i am against specifying direct download link of file.
> i request members to kindly comment.
The Free Software Directory does per-software-version reviews, and since
software versions have differences, we cannot assume that an approved
entry will uphold the same status overtime. Internally, we also face
similar issues when our past reviews are questioned by other people, so
not specifying the version is one recipe for disaster.

For source directory/repository download, we have a much more reliable
semantic property (see [[Property:VCS checkout command]]), which allows
contributors to track which commits/changes introduced problems, and
also compare versions using the entry software's own repository
management tool (something like `git diff old new` for the entries
describing software projects which prefer using Git as their version
control systems, `svn diff old new` for Subversion ones, and so on). You
can find this property in the "8. Etc." tab of the entry form, it was
left there so that new contributors — or those who do not want to do
reviews, but do want to let the FSD know that they want a package
reviewed — to not be overfed by all the existing form fields, many of
which are optional for a submission.

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