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Re: hackint IRC channel for FSD

From: Michael McMahon
Subject: Re: hackint IRC channel for FSD
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 09:54:29 -0400
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Asking freenode would not serve a purpose in this situation.


The best way to reach [Libera.Chat] staff is the channel `#libera` or via the command `/stats p` which lists immediately available staff.

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On 6/29/21 9:40 AM, wrote:
David Hedlund <> writes:

On 2021-06-29 08:24, wrote:
David Hedlund <> writes:

On 2021-06-28 02:05, wrote:
bill-auger <> writes:

i wont argue that - "requires" is not the appropriate word
though - using IRC does not "require" a web browser - per the
GNU/FSDG terminology, that example would be "recommending" or
"steering toward" non-free software

anyways, you can easily check this yourself - neither appears to
have any captcha
As I recall, most of the time it did not ask for Google catcha.  But
when I changed the browser in some way it required captcha to enter and
by other unknow reasons on other occasions also.  It would be good to
audit it profoundly.  Perhaps the situation has changed.

If you cannot trigger Google reCAPTCHA and give us the precise steps how
you triggered it, then I think we're safe.
We are not safe from Google just because I could not figure out when it
asked for the captcha.  It is the other way around.  We would be safe if
we were sure it no longer needs a captcha.
Then please ask Liberia and CC this mailing-list.
I am not affiliated to Libera.  I cannot ask them.  But I can ask
Freenode.  I will notify here.  Thank you for your interest.

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