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[Discuss-gnuradio] Opportunity to show off GnuRadio

From: John Ackermann N8UR
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Opportunity to show off GnuRadio
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:35:24 -0400

Hi all --

I wanted to let everyone know that Gerald Youngblood's SDR-1000 radio will be getting a lot of visibility at the upcoming Dayton Hamvention, the largest amateur radio gathering in the world. Gerald will be showing off the radio at the TAPR (http://www.tapr.org) booth during the show, and he will also be the keynote speaker at the "Digital BASH" dinner held on Friday evening at Hamvention.

We're hoping to do a live demo of the radio at the dinner, and I would love to be able to run GnuRadio on at least one end of the link.

This is *extremely* presumptuous of me, since I'm not a developer, and particularly since no one (other than Gerald) actually has the SDR-1000 hardware in hand yet, but if there's any way we could have working GnuRadio code for the SDR-1000 by mid-May, it would let us do a powerful demonstration to a group of leading-edge ham experimenters. (The show is May 16-18, and the BASH where we'll have a captive audience is the evening of May 16.) Hint, hint...



John Ackermann    N8UR         address@hidden     http://www.febo.com
President, TAPR                address@hidden    http://www.tapr.org

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