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RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] SDR 1000 progress

From: Ettus, Matt
Subject: RE: [Discuss-gnuradio] SDR 1000 progress
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 10:17:46 -0700

> Oh, one question, Matt -- on the wiki you note to use the 
> LINE OUT rather 
> than SPEAKER OUT on the soundcard.  All of the cards in my 
> collection have 
> only a single output, usually labeled as SPEAKER OUT.  What 
> to do in that 
> circumstance?  (And a follow-on question -- what about 
> laptops like my 
> current work machine, a Dell Latitude C640 that has only two 
> sound card 
> I/Os -- mic/line in, and headphones out?)

Ok.  I haven't bothered running the windows software, and Gerald doesn't
mention it, so I'm not sure if he's using one soundcard or two.  The problem
is that, assuming you are doing voice communications, or that you want to
HEAR what is received, there is a conflict in using one sound card.  The
radio needs to use one stereo input and one stereo output to/from the
computer.  You would also need a microphone connection and a speaker
connection for your voice and listening.

I had always assumed Gerald used 2 sound cards, but since he never mentions
that, I'm assuming that instead he uses one soundcard, with the SDR-1000 on
the line in/out and a mic/speaker on the mic/speaker connections.  This
means you have to have the soundcard mixer controlled automatically.  It
also means you need a soundcard with all 4 of those connections.
Unfortunately, most soundcards don't have all 4 of those connections.  It
also makes the software a little more difficult.

I am using a 2 soundcard setup, which is easy on a desktop machine.  On a
laptop, I think you'd be forced to use a USB or PCMCIA second sound card.
Thankfully, having 2 soundcards is no problem for Linux.

What setup have you been using under the windows software?


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