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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] PCI-DAS4020/12 problem roundup

From: Sérgio Rui Silva
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] PCI-DAS4020/12 problem roundup
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 18:18:01 +0100 (WEST)
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Did you connect the signal generator to the first BNC plug (CH0)? 
Because thats what I was using in revisioned version of the 
adc3_fft program... It works great here... No zero signal problem... 
Sérgio Rui Silva 
P.S.: Sorry about the missing #include <mc4020.h>... 
Citando Ricky Hussmann <address@hidden>: 
} Here's my update on the issues with 4020 board PC 
} lockup. 
} Summary of the problem: 
}       I and apparently other users on the list are having 
} trouble running any  
} example program that uses the MC4020 multiple times. 
} The first time running  
} an example using the MC4020 after startup works 
} flawlessly. However, after  
} that example is closed and any other example run that 
} uses the MC4020 the  
} machine completely locks up. 
} Attempts at solutions: 
} First, I am working with the latest (0.7) driver for 
} the mc4020. 
} I have applied Sergio's patch and tried recompiling 
} GNU Radio. In his modified  
} version of GrMC4020.h the line  
} #include <mc4020.h> 
} is missing, so if you had problems compiling try 
} inserting the above line and  
} recompiling. After compiling his version of 
} adc_fft.cc and testing it I WAS  
} able to run the program multiple times. However, the 
} graphs displayed a dead  
} zero signal even though I was inputting a sine wave 
} into the 4020. Also,  
} Sergio simply uses a countdown from 1,000 to bypass 
} exit from the loop and  
} properly call the destructor for the GrSourceMC4020 
} class. This causes the  
} program to terminate shortly after it started. 
} My thoughts: 
}       Just from the nature of the problem, I believe this 
} is an issue with not  
} correctly deallocating resources the device is using. 
} I'm lead to believe  
} this because: 
} 1.) The machine locks up only after an example 
} program has been run and closed  
} and another has been executed. 
} 2.) Sergio's call to the destructor allowed the 
} program to be run multiple  
} times, even though no data was displayed on the 
} graphs in the adc3_fft  
} program. 
} I haven't delved deeply into GNU Radio's core and I'm 
} not sure I'd understand  
} it if I did, but I'm willing to provide whatever 
} assistance is necessary to  
} solve this problem (it's really a pain when trying to 
} work with the 4020  
} board). 
} My hardware configuration: 
}       I'm using a Dell Dimension XPS T750r that appears to 
} be using the Intel 440  
} BX/ZX/DX chipset. It is using the Intel PIIX4 Ultra 
} 33 chipset for IDE  
} control. It has a 750 MHz Intel P3 processor. I'm 
} running Slackware 9.0 with  
} the 2.4.20 series kernel stock from install. 
} Hope this can help, 
} Ricky Hussmann 
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