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[Discuss-gnuradio] Newby on the list

From: Rob Judd
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Newby on the list
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 10:20:23 +1000


Just read the last 4 months' archives and I'm impressed with the level
of enthusiasm. Small wonder, this IS rocket science, which tends to keep
out the average punter. I have a few skills I could add to the mix,
including 30 years of electronics knowledge and a smattering of

I'm in Melbourne, so if Alan Gray is lurking ... what are the chances of
getting one or two of those tuners? I've tried Microtune and they've
been ignoring me since they found out I don't represent a huge sale.
Well the joke will be on them if this takes off, because they'll never
never sell me anything. Meanwhile I need a tuner, and I believe you have
a large box of the buggers. Let me know what the deal is.

I'm currently awaiting the arrival of my SDR-1000, and mostly plan to
play around with lowband at first using it as the step between the TV
tuner and the sound card. Once cheaper A/D stuff comes about I'll be
into decoding SDTV like a rat up the proverbial drainpipe.

The majority of my usable tools are in Win2k so I may need to get some
porting help in the short term. Hey, I'm all for killing Microscum too,
I just prefer BeOS. But there's no multichannel sound card API in that
and mmap was never implemented, so I gave up.

Anyhow, nice to be here.


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