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[Discuss-gnuradio] SSRP V0.1 software released

From: David Carr
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] SSRP V0.1 software released
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 00:09:45 -0500
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Wow I'm tired,

Here's my first releasable quality firmware for the FX2 board used in the SSRP.
Download it from the firmware section of oscar.dcarr.org/ssrp/

Here are the release notes:

Simple Software Radio peripheral

Release notes for V0.1 8/3/2004

This is a very rough release intended to provide basic firmware for confirming the operation of the FX2 board. Firmware is located in the src/ioA directory.
The ioA_2.ihx firmware is in Intel hex format and is meant to be loaded into
the FX2 by running the program_and_start.sh script.  Root privelidges will
probably be required.  Note the the fx2_programmer utility is required to
program the FX2 and to run the heartbeat and data capture scripts.  This
utility is available from:


-Connect FX2 to USB port
-Make sure fx2_programmer is installed
-cd to src/ioA
-./start_and_run.sh ioA_2.ihx
-If seemingly random numbers appear, the code is correctly running on the
FX2.  PA1 and PA2 will flash leds if connected.
-Ctrl-C to stop checkHeartbeat.sh
-pull the SLWR pin high then low then high
-the 16 bits of FD[0:15] will be sent to the host machine and will be dumped
to the screen

Code Compiliation requires sdcc:

Compiled firmware hex files are in the ioA directory
or you can compile the software simply by:


The firmware is located in the src/ioA directory. Two basic firmware versions are ioA_2.ihx and ioA_512.ihx. A detailed description of each of these files
is at the beginning of their respective c source files.

This is my first serious c coding effort and the first time I've worked with
the autoconf/automake system. Please let me know if you have any sugguestions.

David Carr

SSRP Website:

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