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[Discuss-gnuradio] USRP IF Receive

From: mgray
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] USRP IF Receive
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 14:48:44 -0700 (MST)

Is there an example of how to tune and demod a real signal rather than a
complex (I/Q) stream?  I have a radio with a 10.7MHz output that I would 
like to connect to the Rx daughter card directly.

Which connector is J18 or J19 is the real input?

What is the full scale input power level (dBm)?


What about a real transmit, rather than I/Q?


Is it possible to populate the RS-232 driver hardware that is on each 
daughter card?  Is there still software support for it?  It would be 
useful for controlling a down converter or LNA hardware.


A note on the errors:

TX d'board A: Invalid EEPROM contents
TX d'board B: Invalid EEPROM contents

You just need to run the script 


I couldn't find any documentation on what is stored in the EEPROMs?

Also, there is a ./usrp/firmware/src/usrp2/burn-usrp2-eeprom script that 
writes to what appears to the be boot EEPROM on the USRP motherboard.

Anyone know what all these do?


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