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[Discuss-gnuradio] Use USRP for multiple antenna application

From: Weijun Zhu
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Use USRP for multiple antenna application
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 09:30:12 -0800
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I am interested in using the USRP to build a 4 antenna full duplex (or half duplex) software radio. The system will be pretty narrowband with probably a few tens of KHz. I have a couple questions as I
am not familiar with board.

1. It seems that the USRP supports 2 channel readily by its design. Any suggestion to do 4 antennas?
   Here is my initial thoughts.
Suppose I build a daughter board each contains a complete RX/TX RF chain (first of all, is it possible with the current daughter board interface?). Then as long as the daughter board does real conversion instead of I/Q conversion, it should work, right?

2. Does the USRP support synchronization between tramisit and receive and between different channels.

3. Any mechanism available to support cascading multiple USRPs or use two USRP in parallel?

I will buy one to evaluate anyway but I appreciate any answer/suggestions.
Thanks a lot!

jitter wrote:

for those who are playing with digital speech codecs : http://keizai.yokkaichi-u.ac.jp/~ikeda/index-e.html <http://keizai.yokkaichi-u.ac.jp/%7Eikeda/index-e.html> Speech Codec for Japanese Digital Cellular Phone

    * Archive
      : 42KB)
    * Document
Japanese) * Satisfying RCR STD-27B
    * Including error control encoding/decoding (Hard Viterbi)
    * Supporting signed 16 bit, 8000 kHz sampling, and single channel
      raw audio format only

remember: some Motorola ASTRO Systems use VSELP and are un-/or encrypted.
No Radioscanner today covers VSELP Systems...

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