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[Discuss-gnuradio] Re: determining versions

From: Eric Blossom
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: determining versions
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 12:35:33 -0800
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On Sun, Jan 30, 2005 at 08:26:28AM -0800, cfk wrote:
>  I am concentrating on a FC3 machine today which has g++ 3.4.2 and will 
> report 
> to you the results of 'make check' from gnuradio-core. I do however, have a 
> question of education.
>  I can determine the version of an executable relatively easily by invoking 
> it. In the case of fftw, boost, boost-devel and other libraries, it is not so 
> easy. I know that ./configure can do this, but I am not familiar enough with 
> the nuances of ./configure to figure out how this is done.

For libraries that came as RPM's use

  $ rpm -qa | grep fftw

> Would you be willing to give a few pointers on two subjects. The first is,
> "how to determine the version of a library such as fftw, boost and 
> boost-devel from the command line without searching for headers buried 
> *somewhere*?"

Lots of civilized apps and libraries use the pkg-config system.  You
can just ask it and it tells you where it's installed, etc.

E.g., $ pkg-config --list-all

It will also tell you stuff about a particular package, such as
CFLAGS, library locations, etc.

E.g., $ pkg-config --cflags gnuradio-core
      $ pkg-config --libs gnuradio-core


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