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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Troubles, I got troubles

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Troubles, I got troubles
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 17:30:06 -0400

Eric Blossom wrote:
> Nothing ;-)
> Seriously, we don't mess with any kind of desktop installation, etc.
> Is it busted all the time, or only when a gnu radio app is running?
> I think we may have a problem playing nicely with the sound daemon
> under Gnome, but that should only occur if some of our code is
> running.  The symptom is that our code blocks forever in the open for
> the audio source or sink.

I'll have to take another poke, I guess.  This has happened since I installed
  gnuradio (or perhaps wxPython--they were done at the same time).

It doesn't seem to matter whether I'm actively running a gnuradio app or not.

In other matters, I managed to get dbs_debug.py running, after changing the
  config on libfftw3--as you suggested.

The dbs_debug app always returns "could not lock" when changing frequency on
  the DBS daughterboard--my supposition is that the frequency-setter isn't
  waiting long enough for the "PLL locked" bit to come back before concluding
  that it isn't locked.  On a fast CPU, the PLL could take (relatively) and
  *eternity* to indicate lock.

Also, in dbs_debug, I found that keeping the scope_sink window around caused
  the application GUI to lock up as soon as the scope_sink window showed
  anything, so I took it out, leaving only the FFT display.

Now, if I can only find my SMA-to-other-stuff collection, I'll get the DBS_RX
  hooked up to a feedhorn, and see if I can see the GPS L1 signal :-) !!!

Marcus Leech                            Mail:   Dept 1A12, M/S: 04352P16
Security Standards Advisor        Phone: (ESN) 393-9145  +1 613 763 9145
Advanced Technology Research
Nortel Networks                          address@hidden

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