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[Discuss-gnuradio] Re: gr-audio-jack - mono only?

From: Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Re: gr-audio-jack - mono only?
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2006 22:29:17 +0530
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Hi Stephane,

 || On Sun, 5 Mar 2006 16:15:56 +0100
 || Stephane Fillod <address@hidden> wrote: 

 f8cfe> I hope you won't mind if I Cc:'d this message to the discuss-gnuradio
 f8cfe> list.

Not at all. I should have sent the original email to the list in the first 
place. Sorry about that. 

 f8cfe> That'd nice. I was just lazy when I wrote the first version of
 f8cfe> audio_jack, and I thought the following would do:

 f8cfe>         from gnuradio import audio_jack
 f8cfe>         ...

 f8cfe>         # JACK audio as final sink
 f8cfe>         audio_sink_i = audio_jack.sink (jack_rate, "gr_sink_I")
 f8cfe>         audio_sink_q = audio_jack.sink (jack_rate, "gr_sink_Q")

That's nice. This never occured in my mind... :-) This would very much do and
is general enough.

I was looking at the code and on comparing it with dttsp (infact I came to 
gr-audio-alsa after looking at dttsp for most of yesterday and today, it's
a wonderful piece of Free Software!) and after looking at qjackctl, it was
showing up only one. It was my ignorance. This clears the confusion. Thanks.

 f8cfe> Now I'm wondering whether gr-audio-jack has its place, because I 
 f8cfe> gr-audio-alsa can interface with jack through the use of the package
 f8cfe> libasound2-plugins (ALSA library additional plugins "jack") as long as 
 f8cfe> the file ~/.asoundrc contains something like this:


 f8cfe> Rem: I have no idea of the quality of the libasound jack plugin, esp. 
 f8cfe> respect to the distortion of signal in case of resampling, latency, 
 f8cfe> overrun/underun handling, ...

I would say that gr-audio-jack has it's own merit of using the native calls of
jack. Jack is very nice and looks like well engineered. Probably we will see 
and more jack-aware software in the future too.

 f8cfe> The nice thing about the package libasound2-plugins is that we are able 
 f8cfe> to interface any legacy digital application (gmfsk, dream, soundmodem, 
 f8cfe> aptdec, *psk, linrad, acarsd, etc.) with GNU Radio as long as the legacy
 f8cfe> application is using ALSA. Some of those app still need to be converted
 f8cfe> from OSS to ALSA though.

We can always maintain both jack and alsa and give the choice to the users on
what they want to finally use.

Thanks for the gr-audio-jack. I hope to play with it in the coming days.

    Ramakrishnan, VU3RDD

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