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[Discuss-gnuradio] Packet Radio

From: dlapsley
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Packet Radio
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 23:42:37 -0500

BBN is working on a project, funded by the US Government, to build
teams of cognitively-controlled software-defined radios.  As part of
this project we will be building a subnetwork-layer routing protocol
and a MAC that is designed for the software radio environment.  We
will be making all of our code available under Free licenses (GPL for
GNU Radio changes, and 3-clause BSD or equivalent for many other
things).  Our system will run on GNU/Linux and NetBSD.

We will be using GNU Radio as the software radio base in our system.
Recently there have been great strides in sending packetized data with
GNU Radio.  Several BBNers, with guidance from Eric, have thought
about a number of changes to GNU Radio which would make data radio
usage more flexible, and have written up these changes.

We would very much appreciate peer review of these proposals.  We are
interested in finding and fixing problems anyone can see in the
approach, or ways in which the changes can be more broadly useful if
done differently.

Our project will be working to improve GNU Radio, and we plan to
follow our proposed roadmap, after revising it based on feedback.  We
would like to work closely with others who would like to join us, and
will strive to make sure anything we do is useful to a broad set of
people and does not cause harm.  (Of course, Eric and the consensus of
gnuradio-discuss will, as always, determine what's in the official

We will also be making the USRP work well on NetBSD, fixing the
current USB speed issue.

We will be making our work available as we do it, and plan to interact
as several individuals working on GNU Radio (with a common purpose)
rather than as an isolated project.

The document is available at


We would appreciate feedback, sent to gnuradio-discuss, or feel free
to email us privately if there's some reason gnuradio-discuss isn't

Greg Troxel <address@hidden>     (Principal Investigator)
David Lapsley <address@hidden>    (gnuradio-discuss Liason)

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